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Every user registered on Loven is verified via photo and mobile phone so you don’t have to worry how real or fake anyone is.

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We have had the pleasure of bringing together literally thousands of couples who would otherwise never have met.

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Every user registered on LoveEvent is verified via photo and mobile phone so you don’t have to worry how real or fake anyone is.

Dating Tips & Advice

Here are some of our latest dating articles written by our staff. We hope these tips will help you get more confident and find what you are looking for.

The ability to manage money competently is especially valuable quality in the conditions of financial crisis, when the purchasing power of the population is shrinking, inflation is rising...

Search of staff is not an easy task. According to the departmental heads' of personnel management words, in order to find a personnel who will correspond to the relevant customer needs and requirements, it is necessary to carry out a great job.

Overalls bearing the company's logo are related to economy and practicality. A preference of corporate style involves a significant increase of costs for development of design solutions, customized...